About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy  uses a gentle relaxation technique , known as hypnotic trance, empowering you to change those unwanted habits , behaviours and negative ways of thinking that affect your life.

The benefits of  hypnotherapy can extend into many aspects of your life, such as building your confidence, improving your sport or work performance, reducing stress and anxiety, helping with sleep issues, exam and interview nervousness, pain and menopause management ....and so much more.


Call me or use my contact form below if you would like to chat about how hypnotherapy could help you take your first step to work through that problem you are struggling with , break that habit or feel better about yourself and move forward in your life feeling stronger and with a more positive mindset.


Your hypnotherapy plan is prepared individually for you, to focus on what you want to achieve through engaging with hypnotherapy. 


Standard Hypnotherapy Session £60  ( up to 75 mins)

Smoking/Vaping Cessation £130 

(up to 90 mins) 

Includes your preparation plan & a recording

Free phone call consultation before your appointment

10% discount

NHS, Care, Emergency Services

& Armed Forces

​Students 5% discount 


Results may vary from person to person.

Hypnotherapy is not suitable if you have epilepsy, psychosis or a personality disorder.

Weight Management & Health 

Many people who want to manage their weight and health already know about healthy eating and exercise.


Hypnotherapy for weight management motivation and healthy living habits, can help you develop a positive relationship with food, stopping that inner battle of guilty feelings and thoughts.


Hypnotherapy for weight management and health is not only about weight loss, or even weight gain but can also help you to find your balance and motivation, to  take control and live healthily with food and exercise in a way that is right for you to enjoy your life.

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Anxiety ,Stress and Panic Attacks

Anxiety, stress and even panic attacks can feel like a shadow , always with you and overwhelming you at times. 

There are times you know why you feel stressed or anxious, such a work and life situations. Hypnotherapy can help you to cope better in challenging situations by increasing your confidence and ability to feel calm under pressure, to take control of your thinking and how you respond.

Other times you may not know why you feel in a low mood, feel stressed or anxious. All you know is that you don't feel like yourself and you want to change that feeling, be stronger, more confident, motivated to get on with your life and feel happier.


Hypnotherapy could help you to get on track with your life, lose that shadow and move forward in your life to be the best version of the you you want to be.

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Habits, Including Smoking or Vaping

A habit is any routine that is done automatically without needing to think about it, and some habits can be reassuring and necessary to live healthily,  stay safe and reach goals in life.

Other habits you may wish you didn't have and want to break free from could be nail biting, smoking, always putting off getting those important things done, being disorganised, overthinking, swearing, hair twirling, a nervous cough or skin picking when you are feeling anxious.

How would it feel for you to be free of your habit cloud  ?

Hypnotherapy can help you stop unwanted habits by focusing your subconscious mind on your decision to break that habit, and move on in life being free from your unwanted habit. 

Stop Smoking or Vaping 

Are you ready to break  your smoking or vaping habit?

Are you ready to commit yourself to living life free from your habit?

If your answer is yes, then hypnotherapy can help you to break your habit.

As a qualified Stop Smoking Hypnosis Practitioner, I will work with you to provide you with highly focused techniques, personalised to your needs to help you become a non-smoker or stop vaping, and move forward into your healthier life. 

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Holding E-cigarette
Phobia, Fear & Worries

Phobia's, fears and worries about everyday things in life can be irrational and hard to overcome. Sometimes causing even more anxiety by trying to ignore your fear and just get on with life.

Hypnotherapy can be effective in helping to deal with your phobia, fear or worry such as flying, spiders, needles and medical procedures, heights, social and work situations, interviews and so much more.

Imagine how amazing you would feel to live your life free from your fear.

Confidence, Motivation & Mental Well-being

Life.... it's unknown, unpredictable and this can affect how you feel and behave in your daily life at work, at home and in any situation.

Maybe you just don't feel like you, feel overwhelmed, a bit low, lost your direction or just can't seem to overcome a challenge or difficult event in life. Feeling as if you just need a boost to help you get going again.

Hypnotherapy can empower you to find your balance, your motivation, even help you to find you again to move forward to live life as the best version of the you that you want to be. 

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