About Well Being Life Coaching 

Well-being life coaching empowers you to find ways to live your best life, your way.

Well-being is focused on being balanced in all aspects of life. Taking care of your health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually if this also aligns with your personal values.

As your well-being life coach I am non-judgemental, empathetic and committed to supporting you on your empowering journey of change in your life.

However, I will ask challenging  questions in your sessions, giving you thinking time, agreeing action plans between sessions that will facilitate discovery, development and implementation of empowering solutions and strategies that create the impactful change your desire in your life.

Personal  Coaching

Personal coaching is always led by you.

The subject you wish to focus on may well affect other aspects of your life.

Your focus could be your overall life and finding a way forward to identify and set achievable life goals, find your way to adapt to changes in your life or simply wanting to find a way to live life happier and more content.

Well- Being life coaching supports you to create the life you desire, and live your life your way.


£60 per session (60 mins)

£170 Set of 3 sessions

£285 Set of 5 sessions


Face to face & Zoom Appointments Available

Free phone call consultation before your appointment

10% discount

NHS, Care, Emergency Services

& Armed Forces

​Students 5% discount 

           Mindful Resilience &

Well-Being at Work Coaching

This service is available to  employers to support mental health and well-being of their employees.


Flexible bespoke sessions or courses can be arranged to meet your business and staff needs.

Individual support sessions can also be arranged for your employee's.

Employers are also welcome to hold our arranged well being sessions at the spacious event room at

The Pukacz Practice

Elland HX5 AQ

Online sessions also available.

For further information


to explore bespoke support 

for your business

Please contact me on -

07305 810935 

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